San Pedro del Pinatar: A quiet Spanish town with unique sandy beaches

San Pedro del Pinatar is a quiet Spanish town with unique sandy beaches, bordering the inland sea of Mar Menor whose grey sand is made into mud-packs for cleansing the body. There is an easy going ambience as it is such a quiet town, where you can see pensioners playing boules on the sands.

The climate is perfect and it is a delight to laze in the sun, enjoying grilled prawns, sardines or some of the fresh catch of the day in the many seaside fish bars. It is only a few kilometres away from the Murcia airport and now has access to new motorways.

Another aspect of this fishing town is its salt flats, now a protected area that is home to many exotic birds and plants that have adapted to survive in a hostile salty environment. On some of the beaches people slap plenty of mineral rich mud on their bodies, a sure cure for arthritis and other ailments

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